The name - "Única" - comes from the Spanish word "Unique."
Our mission is to create unique experiences, unique products, unique values, and deliver happiness through our services and products.


Daisuke Kobayashi 
Born in Tokyo, JAPAN
Daisuke's first entry into the culinary field began at a yakitori restaurant in Kagurazaka, Tokyo - fresh after graduating from high school.
From there, he gained experience through working in numerous establishments in Tokyo, finally finding himself participating in his first overseas project of launching a yakitori restaurant in New York.
After spending five years in The Big Apple, Daisuke joins Chikaranomoto Company, working extensively in the US, Asia, Australia, and other regions, launching new restaurants and experiencing life as an expat. As a central member of the Overseas Product Development Team, Daisuke introduced countless new dishes and menu items to many overseas markets. During his 10 years with the company, Daisuke has developed products for 12 different regions around the globe.
April 2020: Founded Única LLC.
July 2020: Opened Yakitori Única in Asakusabashi, Tokyo.
April 2023: Sold Yakitori Única to focus on new business ventures.
Currently engaged in development and sales of "Única no Tebakara" seasoning for chicken wings, consulting services, product development, and export of Japanese goods such as jidori, binchotan charcoal, and wagyu beef.


Unica's Tebakara" Seasoning Now on Sale

We have developed a special seasoning for fried chicken wings that can be easily reproduced in restaurants or at home.

Available here.


Company Information

Company Name
Única LLC
April 2020
Company Representative
Daisuke Kobayashi
Main Business
  • Wholesale sales of food seasonings and beauty / health products
    ("Única no Tebakara" seasoning / "FamiWash" for family use)
  • Restaurant management
  • Restaurant consulting services
  • Go-to-Market support for foreign / Japanese companies
  • Sales, planning, manufacturing, intermediation and import/export of foodstuffs, clothing, health appliances, interior decorations, electrical products, gas appliances, daily sundries, alcoholic beverages, etc.
Partner Companies
2F-C Tokyu-Building 1-10-8
Dougenzaka Shibuya Tokyo
150-0043 JAPAN